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At Pro Home Care - SOAPFREE Carpet Cleaning we are actual masters of cleaning tile and grout. We can perform wonders in removing caked on grease, grime and dirt in your grout. Nobody wants to have their grout be the color of brown. Call today!

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Pro Home Care uses a process that will restore your tile floors to original beauty, as well as clean and protect the grout from stains and discoloring.

tile and grout cleaning

First, a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution is applied to the tile and the grout lines and allowed to stand for several minutes. The solution is worked into the pores to loosen dirt, grease, and oils. Our truck-mounted cleaning machine uses very hot water and high pressure to thoroughly wash, rinse and remove the dirts and oils out of the tile and grout, and back into our truck’s recovery tank. This is a clean and efficient process that is designed with no overspray of water or cleaning solution. We dry the floor using high-speed air movers, then inspect the grout for any permanent staining. When the grout and tile is as clean as it can possibly be, a sealer is applied to protect it from any further staining.

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