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Don't Let Another Cleaner Ruin Your Carpet with Dirt-attracting Residue. Go Soap-free!
At Pro Home Care we stand by our work! We rock at removing filthy stains & odor from your carpets. We have a unique and most effective process called Soap-free cleaning. We do not use cleaning components that do nothing more than spread the dirt around and end up making your carpets worse in the long run. Our Redlands carpet cleaning service is high-quality, top-shelf with a 200% satisfaction guarantee!
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Soap-free Carpet Cleaning in Redlands, CA

Perhaps you’ve been told in the past that you should wait as long as possible to clean your carpets, or that hot water cleaning damages your carpet. These are just two of the common myths surrounding carpet care. The carpet in your home may be one of the biggest investments you have!

Knowing that, shouldn’t you want to take care of it the best way possible? That’s why you should NOT wait too long to have it cleaned! Dirt is abrasive, every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the fibers. This cutting action will cause your carpet to wear out faster. The longer you wait between cleanings, the faster the carpet wears out. As far as hot water damaging your carpet, a properly cleaned carpet will not be damaged at all by hot water extraction cleaning.

Obviously, carpet cleaners will all be biased toward their own method of cleaning. However, major carpet manufacturers recommend ONLY hot water extraction cleaning using truck-mounted equipment. We do this soap-free!!

Redlands Carpet Cleaning Expertise

So many of our clients come to us because the other so-called carpet cleaners not only didn’t effectively clean their carpets, but also managed to make them worse. We’ve cleaned so much carpet in our years happily servicing our valued clients, that we’ve seen all manner of carpet stains. We’ve also seen other carpet cleaners destroy their clients carpet because they only use one method to treat all the various types of carpet fibers that exist in our homes today. If you’re looking for an incredibly reputable carpet cleaning company, look no further than Pro Home Care.
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Knock Out That Re-appearing Spot

How frustrating is it to have a professional carpet cleaner come in to get some spot out that you haven’t no luck getting out yourself, only to have that spot re-appear in a couple of weeks after the ‘cleaning’? This is ridiculous. We use only the most technologically advanced treatments available today!

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Carpets that are Cleaner and Softer

Years ago I had a ‘professional’ come in to clean my carpets. A few hours later, I had crunchy carpet. A few weeks later, that stupid spot was back! And it was worse!! What?! This is why we are so dedicated to taking proper care of your carpets & rugs when cleaning them. We understand the science behind odor and stains on dirty carpets.

redlands carpet cleaner soap free

Increase Your Indoor Air Quality

At Pro Home Care, our process renders cleaner homes & businesses. Due to an absence of dirty grime spores getting kicked up whenever anybody walks on the carpet, your air is cleaner to breath! No surfactants, no residue!

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