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Iron-Clad, No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
We protect each and every client with and Iron-Clad No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not “head-over-heels” happy with the service – we will come back and clean it again. if you are Still unhappy with our service, we will pay our competition to come and clean it for you – It’s really that simple! Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.
Quality and Experience
We have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 19 years. The only method of cleaning that we use is Hot Water Extraction from a truck-mounted cleaning machine. Carpet manufacturers exclusively reccommend Hot Water Extraction – Our units are powerful enough to get rid of unbelieveable stuff in your carpets. Bacteria, Fungus, Chemicals, Pollens, Grease, Gravel, Grime and Pet Stains – Not to mention those creepy Dust Mites and Critters that live and breed in your carpet!
Don’t Believe us? Try it!
We’ll clean one room up to 200 square feet FREE – No cost to you! Zip. Nada. We charge per square foot and only what we clean! All we ask is that you allow us to give you a free “Whole Home Audit” of your carpet while we clean your FREE Room! After we clean your free room, if that is all you want us to do, we will pack up and leave. We’ll give your carpet the best cleaning job it has ever had, and give you our sincere thanks for trying our service.
If you are not satisfied, Neither are we!
We Are A Premiere Service & We Care About What We Do